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The Village Smithy Now Uses the Hydraulic Press

May 16, 2017

Under the spreading chestnut tree,
the village smithy stands…
Week in, week out, from morn till night
You can his bellows blow;
You can hear him swing his heavy sledge
with measured beat and slow.

So says Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, “The Village Blacksmith.” Blacksmiths are still around and much in demand. In fact there are between 5,000 and 10,000 in North America today, though only about 500 do the work professionally.

Today’s blacksmith is quite possibly located his shop under a big tree in a rural location, just like the one in the poem. But he uses the internet to find his customers, all over the country.

And he uses the latest equipment and tools. Blacksmithing is still considered a craft. But modern smiths have updated their machinery to stay current with advances in technology and customer expectations.

The Hydraulic Forging Press

One piece of equipment that didn’t appear in Longfellow’s smithy is the hydraulic forging press, a necessity for every present-day blacksmith. Though small, this press is mighty. Instead of brawn, the current crop of smiths rely on the forging press to get the job done.

The hydraulic forging press handles many of the same operations as a power hammer. But it gives the blacksmith more control, and offers more scope for what he can create with hot metal.

Many modern blacksmiths are also specialty knife makers. They prefer using a forging press because it opens up more possibilities and allows them greater precision, a necessity when producing a custom knife.

In addition to knives and traditional products, the press lets the smith make dies to create specific shapes. It lets him punch eyes for axes and hammers and other hafted tools.

The forging press used in blacksmith shops is quite small, to fit the compact area in many amateur and professional shops. They can be rolled out for use, then quickly rolled into a corner when not needed.

Work with Experts

If you own a machine shop today, you probably aren’t working in the blacksmith line. But like the present-day smithy, you want to operate the most advanced hydraulic presses available. With new technology, these hydraulic presses are safer and give operators greater control. They are versatile, letting you accept jobs from the widest possible range of customers.

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